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Rocky Point Chapel was founded as a church on December 5, 1921 and known to many as the “Church in the Wildwood”. The building was constructed around 1860 and used as a school house and secular instruction. In November of 1921, Mad River Special School District sold the Rocky Point Building for $1,050 to a board of trustees for the purpose of “Christian religions services of an undenominational character, including a Bible school and such church service and other religions services as may seem advisable”. Throughout the early years, church members worked diligently to improve the church property and to reach out physically and spiritually to the surrounding community. The Allen Waldron Chapel was added in 1940. Another major expansion occurred in 1956 when the educational wing was added and consisted of a kitchen and auditorium. The last major remodeling was completed in September 1995 including new handicap restrooms and expanded hallways.

The church recognizes the great worth of each individual as a Child of God and as a congregation is a ministering community going out into the world bound together by God’s love. The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of the church. The Bible is our rule of faith and practice. Individual interpretations of the Scripture is the right and duty of all.


The ordinance of the Lord’s Supper shall be celebrated at least six times each year and at such other times as considered appropriate.


Baptism is a public ordinance, which symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and should be accomplished only by those individuals who have willingly and knowingly accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. A Dedication of children shall be administered by the Pastor.

Use of Church - Members/Non-members

Rocky Point Chapel is available to all members of the church at no charge. Scheduling will be done through anyone on the council. Members are responsible for all clean-up after their event and making sure the building is secured (all lights off and all doors locked) before leaving.

The church is available for non-members with a direct connection to a member. We request a donation for the expenses of the building. A separate fee will be charged for Pastor services for weddings, funerals or memorial services, etc. Members and / or Custodial staff will be responsible for clean-up and making sure the building is secured after the event. Uses inconsistent with the religious beliefs of Rocky Point Chapel will not be allowed (Doctrine of Beliefs and Principals).

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